Thursday, February 12, 2009

Why Use Twitter

There is so much talk about the 'microblogging' potential of Twitter and how its just perfect for harnessing work opportunities. Frankly, it went over my head because when I joined Twitter, I didnt really understand how this helps me expand my work related connections.

Also, I couldnt figure out why I am using Twitter in the first place. Leisa Reichelt called Twitter as a platform for "ambient intimacy" because it lets people connect with each other regularly without participating too closely in their lives.

But when 26/11 happened in Mumbai, I saw how people and even eye witness accounts began to get "tweeted" with pictures even before newspapers got to track those stories. It was amazing how "citizen journalism" became so powerful through Twitter. People get to share the micro-banalities of life by stating what they are doing to the whole social networking world.

More and more Twitterers come up with innovative inputs to share useful information. It has become such an amazing growth that it is definitely becoming mainstream like micro-banalities or Orkut.

In fact, Facebook even tried to buy Twitter but failed to do so. ,The founders of Twitter plan to make it a revenue generating company by offering incredibly compelling service and a terrific experience for millions of people dotted around the world.

Imagine you can connect with celebrities including Spears, Lance Armstrong, Tina Fey and mich more through Twitter.

For those who want more information on Twitter, here are some interesting links to check out:

Check out these links:

These links really helped me understand just a little about Twitter. If you want to know about the popular Twitter acronynms, check out this link:

Hope it helps you too.

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